By Lucy Stein

Pearville, IL – A 16-year-old student missing since Saturday night was reunited with her mother on Monday evening, bringing surprise closure to a missing persons case that momentarily gripped the Chicago area.

On September 10th Mae Brady, a student at Pearville High, did not return home from a party. The next morning, a video surfaced online that appeared to show the underage girl being assaulted by a fellow student. (That video, which contains mature content, has since been taken down.)

Pearville Police Chief Mike Salem learned of the situation on Sunday morning. “Mae's mother called us and we did what we always do in these types of situations. We mobilized immediately to question friends and relatives. Unfortunately, we found no leads.” The male student in the video, also a minor, was questioned but not taken into custody.

First reported by Sunny Chicago, the case soon caught the attention of local news and the public at large. Mae finally came home on Monday evening, surprising her mother with an emotional reunion. Dramatic video of the homecoming was captured by local news station Channel 11.

The reunion incited speculation around what prompted the teenager to run away from home and what exactly happened at the party on the 10th.

When contacted, Mae Brady's mother confirmed that her daughter is “back home and safe and sound in her room.” Courtney Brady added that her daughter is recovering and is not ready to provide a statement.

Sunny Chicago will update this story as new information is released.

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   [ ] Nice try. Young girls generally don't run away from home for no reason. Not sure if you saw the original video, but that might change your mind. I would link to it here but it's been taken down.

    [ ] only on mainstream sites – you can still see the video at this link: < >

       [ ] Link is broken.

          [ ] sorry about that – looks like it was deleted there, too.

             [ ] Who keeps deleting this video? It's an integral part of this story.

                [ ] Maybe the person who posted it? Just a wild guess.

                [ ] it's technically “obscene content” which means someone is complaining.

                [ ] Even though the video keeps vanishing, all the screenshots are here. Warning: NSFW.

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                     [ ] Hope you're under 18. The reason the first video was removed is because she's under 18 & streaming it is technically child porn.

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