Can I just say one thing? The Student Council election was supposed to happen yesterday. If I've been in school for the past two days (unlike Mae and Ethan) shouldn't the vote still happen? I know I'm not as popular but there was a third candidate. (Me!) The committee could even take Ethan and Mae's names off the ballot if they wanted to. Not saying they should, it's just an option. Just putting it out there.

Like on one hand, I get it. I was at that party, even though I spent most of the night in the basement playing foosball, and when some kid mentioned that people were getting naked in the pool, my best friend JB and I checked it out just in case (we were bored!) even though we thought he was lying, because of course that's not something you see every day. We saw it was Ethan and Mae and JB was like, “there goes your chances” but still! Just because I don't have a sex tape doesn't mean I won't be a good president. When did politics become reality TV? Am I less than because I don't have 2k followers?

Don't be sheeple, people. Whenever the school lets you vote, vote for me! Vote Nico! 


chapter twenty-eight