Video of Football Player Allegedly Assaulting Missing Teen Girl Surfaces

By Lucy Stein

Pearville, IL – The search for a missing teen in this small town 60 miles south of Chicago has been complicated by a video that depicts the teen being assaulted on the last night she was seen by friends.

Mae Brady, aged 16, was reported missing on Sunday morning after not coming home from a party Saturday night. The video, recorded by others at the same party and posted online, depicts the host, a football player from a prominent family, assaulting the unconscious victim in a swimming pool.

None of the teens involved in the attack have been arrested or charged. A local officer, who has not verified the authenticity of the video, explained that charges would not be filed unless Brady chooses to press them, or is otherwise located.

Witnesses are urged to contact the Pearville police department with any leads on Brady's whereabouts.  

[ ] Why no link to the video?

   [ ] i assume bc its graphic + it might not be real. here is the link < >

      [ ] OMFG. NSFW! NSFW!

      [ ] This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. How is this still online?

      [ ] fuckin psychopathic kids, where are there parents??????

         [ ] Where are THEIR parents?

            [ ] Yes, because that's the point. :-/

   [ ] Wow. Kids these days are having way more fun than we had.

      [ ] Fun??? Go back to your troll hole, troll.

         [ ] Assuming he means crazy parties, etc. How does that make him a troll?

            [ ] did u even read the article?

         [ ] That is incredibly inappropriate. This is not even mildly fun. This is like a nightmare.

   [ ] video's been taken down, dude. sorry to report.

   [ ] The link doesn't work. What happened in the video?

      [ ] RAPE.

      [ ] ugh, i can't believe i'm answering this because it's horrible but... basically there is a girl and she is passed out         (drunk? drugged? who knows) and one boy pulls her into the water and assaults her while another boy holds her up and takes off her clothes.

         [ ] what kind of moron would film that???

            [ ] teen boys. nuff said.

               [ ] Not all teen boys are violent.

                  [ ] duh.

            [ ] Kids lack empathy these days. Most likely due to their phones.

               [ ] +1 if you wrote that on your phone

               [ ] I'm a teenager. I have a phone. I have empathy for my fellow man. Stop generalizing just because                          you don't understand people younger than you.

   [ ] My first thought as well. Maybe since it hasn't been officially verified?

[ ] I hate to be the person to say this but, there is no way that girl is still alive. Has anybody checked the woods       behind this kid's house? Because sad to say it, that's where the girl is going to be found.

   [ ] agreed. she looks dead in the video. prob drugged then drowned. hope justice is found. RIP. 


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