Just an update here. I talked to Mr. Lemaire again (because Principal Wake was unavailable, natch) about the Student Council problem and he finally came around and agreed to hold the election sometime this week.

The good news is Ethan probably won't be on the ballot (Mr. Lemaire said that “situation” was “fluid”) but the bad news is Mae will, even though she hasn't been in school all week, which really makes you think.

I don't want to spread rumors or anything, but has it occurred to you that maybe Mae planned this whole thing out to win? Like tricked Ethan so he had to leave school? Doesn't seem like too big of a stretch. Also, don't jump on me (!) for saying that, I've heard it from others, too. Just thinking out loud here.

Oh and while we're on the topic, vote for me!      

chapter forty-one