By Lucy Stein

Pearville, IL – Two teens involved in the much-publicized Pearville assault were taken into custody this morning. Ethan Harrington and Jasper O'Toole were apprehended at their respective homes without incident.

Harrington, who can be seen on the infamous video, is expected to be charged with assault while O'Toole, who posted the clip online, is being held on a child pornography charge.

When asked for a statement, Police Chief Mike Salem said, “Make no mistake, there was no favoritism in this case. It's a complex incident and our actions have been proper throughout. We appreciate your ongoing patience.”

[ ] Someone doth protest too much...

   [ ] exactly! such bullshit.

      [ ] yeah, i heard from a (credible) source that the justice department threatened to get involved, and that's why the boys were finally arrested.

[ ] Is anybody else bothered by the fact that there were multiple kids in the video but only two were arrested?

   [ ] at this point, might want to be happy with what you get...

   [ ] And therein lie the problems with “social justice warriors.” Nothing is good enough.

      [ ] lol this phrase

      [ ] There's nothing wrong with wanting justice. Sorry if that makes me a social justice warrior...

         [ ] u r a sjw! fuck you

            [ ] You are worse than a troll. You are the moss that grows under the men's rights activist troll bridge.

            [ ] Such civility.

[ ] Child pornography? Really?

   [ ] I noticed that too! Is it really child porn if distributed by a minor?

      [ ] The kid arrested on that charge is not a minor. He's 18.

         [ ] oh fuck, he's screwed

            [ ] Yep, and because of something his friend did at that.

               [ ] Well...he's not completely blameless. He did record the rape and then post it. That's pretty bad.

                  [ ] worse than the rape itself, though?

                     [ ] Nobody's arguing that.

[ ] I'm so late to commenting, I'm sure nobody will read this, but: word on the street is this second kid (O'Toole) is an ordinary guy from a lower-class family (my cousins live in Pearville and they said his mother is an alcoholic), not wealthy like the other kid. I think O'Toole is being charged on this admittedly crap charge to make the police department look competent, but I will bet you $100 that the actual rapist will get off and if anybody does jail time it's this second kid. He's the perfect scapegoat for this type of crime.

   [ ] Yes! I thought this too upon first reading.

   [ ] Should be the top comment. 


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